Les dépêches, le crunch de liquidité continue à Hong kong, tensions financières en Chine

[Bloomberg] Stocks Rally as Crude Rebounds; Dollar Slides Before Fed Meeting

[Reuters] Asia stocks rise before central bank meetings, oil bounces

[SCMP] Yuan Hibor hits 8-month high as liquidity crunch continues

ABOOK-Sept-2016-ChinaBOR2-HIBOR-ON-1w.jpg (645×379)

[Bloomberg] Oil Rebounds as Fighting Halts Libya’s Ras Lanuf Export Return

[Bloomberg] China August Home Prices Rise in More Cities as Sales Gain

[Bloomberg] Debt Mismatch Leaves Emerging Nations Exposed to Shock, BIS Says

[UK Telegraph] BIS flashes red alert for a banking crisis in China 

[Reuters] Gasoline prices spike as Colonial begins bypass around damaged line

[Reuters] German economy could slow in third quarter, Bundesbank warns

[Bloomberg] China Rich Help Europe Banks Raise $14 Billion Since August

[WSJ] China’s Property Bubble Keeps Getting Bigger

[FT] China’s ports hit hard by global trade slowdown

[Reuters] China says Japan trying to ‘confuse’ South China Sea situation

[Reuters] U.S., Japan, South Korea ministers discuss tougher measures against North Korea

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