Les dépêches , le FT suggère que le marché des bonds se trompe

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Fall Despite Strong Manufacturing Data: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Dollar starts week on back foot, keeps above 4-month lows

[Bloomberg] Manufacturing in U.S. Kept Expanding at Robust Pace in March

[Bloomberg] Fed’s Rebel Defends Autonomy as Trump-Molded Central Bank Looms

[Bloomberg] Debt Market Lures Billions as Verizon, GM Pursue Pension Trade

[Bloomberg] Ford, Chrysler Sales Disappoint as Cars Plunge Despite Discounts

[Bloomberg] ETF Investors Dumped U.S. Small Caps, Loved Emerging Markets

[Bloomberg] Euro-Area Unemployment Declines to Lowest Level in Eight Years

[Reuters] Euro zone factories struggled to meet soaring demand in March: PMI

[Bloomberg] Latin American Markets Feel the Pressure From Political Turmoil

[Bloomberg] Almost a Decade Later, U.S. Money Markets Are Yet to Recover

[Bloomberg] Australia Home Prices Rise Most in 7 Years Amid Bubble Concern

[Reuters] Japan business mood brightens as recovery broadens: BOJ tankan

[Bloomberg] Four Huishan Directors Resign in Wake of Mystery 85% Stock Plunge

[Reuters] Trump presses China on North Korea ahead of Xi talks

[WSJ] Trouble Bubbling Under at Chinese Banks

[WSJ] The Rising Retirement Perils of 401(k) ‘Leakage’

[FT] Test of nerve awaits investors as Q2 dawns

[FT] Bond market ignores more assertive Fed at its peril


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