Les dépêches vendredi après midi , regression de l’inflation, baisse des rendements longs

Le rendement du 10 ans US  chute à 2,23%.  Le scénario de la  reflation est écorné.

The rate of inflation over the past 12 months slowed to 2.4% in March from a five-year high of 2.7% in the prior month.

The  core CPI slipped 0.1% in March.

The core rate has risen 2% in the past 12 months, the smallest gain since the fall of 2015.

A rapid increase in rent over the past few years appears to be slowing, grocery costs have fallen, auto dealers have marked down vehicle prices and wireless phone carriers saw the biggest decline in month charges last month in the history of the index.

Adjusting for inflation, hourly wages for American workers rose 0.5% in March. Real hourly pay is up just 0.3% in the past year, however.


Les gains hebdos médiocres en réel;

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