Agression à Notre Dame par un étudiant algérien: « c’est pour la Syrie ». Aucun rapport avec la politique étrangère!

Paris’s Notre-Dame: Attacker shot outside cathedral

Police have shot a man who attacked an officer with a hammer outside the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

The man shouted « this is for Syria » during the attack, the interior minister said. Prosecutors have opened a terrorism investigation.

The officer suffered minor injuries. The suspect was wounded in the chest when another policeman opened fire.

Tourists fled for cover as the attack unfolded. Hundreds of people were in the cathedral at the time.


Locked inside #notre dame cathedral in #paris while police investigate attack outside against a policeman. All calmImage copyrightTWITTER – @NANCYSODERBERG
Image captionFormer White House Deputy National Security Adviser Nancy Soderberg shared this picture from inside the cathedral

France, a favourite target – Hugh Schofield, BBC News, Paris

The terrorist spotlight has swung to Britain, but no-one in France is under the illusion that the country is safe. Squads of soldiers with automatic weapons at the ready are a regular sight on the streets of Paris. France remains a favourite target for the propagandists of so-called Islamic State.

What intrigues is the similar character of four recent attacks in Paris: at the Louvre in February, where a man attacked a soldier with a machete; at Orly airport in March, where an attacker was killed after trying to take a gun from a soldier; on the Champs-Elysées last month, where a gunman killed a policeman before himself being killed; and now this.

Different from the recent UK atrocities – and the earlier French attacks in Paris and Nice – none of these recent French attacks was against random targets. They were all conducted by lone men. And they were all against clearly identified symbols of the state.


Une réflexion sur “Agression à Notre Dame par un étudiant algérien: « c’est pour la Syrie ». Aucun rapport avec la politique étrangère!

  1. ca ne gene que moi de voir des photos de civils innocents les mains en l’air? lors de la derniere attaque a londres,j’avais deja ete choque par ces files de pietons les mains en l’ cette photo dans la cathedrale,franchement je n’aime pas ca.habituer les gens a mettre les mains en l’air pour faciliter le « travail » de la police,je n’aime vraiment pas ca.


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