Si quelqu’un peut empecher la guerre, c’est Poutine

From Bloomberg Politics

if anyone can prevent a war between Iran and Israel, it might be Vladimir Putin.

The Russian president hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the annual Red Square military parade, hours before Israeli forces struck dozens of Iranian targets inside Syria.

Netanyahu did his best to please, wearing on his lapel a brown-and-black St. George’s ribbon, a symbol of Russian World War II remembrance that has come to be the banner of the Kremlin’s intervention in Ukraine.

He had a big ask: That Putin not deliver advanced air-defense missiles to Syria, a move that could threaten Israel’s aerial dominance.

For now, Moscow seems willing to let the Jewish state mount limited strikes. While Iran is a key ally in the Syrian war, the Kremlin doesn’t want it to get too powerful. Russian officials are also worried about the risk of escalation, especially with thousands of Russian troops based there.

Putin has a vested interest in keeping Iran in his corner, and is sending a top diplomat today to Tehran for talks.


2 réflexions sur “Si quelqu’un peut empecher la guerre, c’est Poutine

  1. Putin needs hezbollah in syria,
    also china
    iran/ hezbollah + lebanon ( former province of Syria)
    are BASIC for Silkroad
    Trump is doing all of them a huge favor :
    ALL against him !,

    now we need only EU to decide of which side they are
    only hoping EU does not take Nato side !, ( not a crime : a huge mistake )



  2. Only 1.000 russian troops + 500 chinese in Syria

    means :  » echec et mat  » as you say

    and peace for 10 years : Frozen situation

    nuclear israel is only increasing « ueber alles » feeling ( same as US exceptionalism )

    iran should follow Kim ‘s grandfather , father politics , not Khadafi or Saddan Hussein ‘s




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