Les dépêches mercredi 23 Mai, contagion

[BloombergQ] Stocks Fall, Bonds Gain as Risks Mount; Euro Drops: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Turkey’s lira tumbles 5 pct, plumbs new record lows

[Reuters] Euro/Swiss franc at 2-month lows as Italy concerns weigh

[GulfNews/Bloomberg] Turkey heads toward a currency crisis as lira goes into free fall

[Reuters] U.S.-China trade deal ‘too hard to get done,’ Trump says

[Reuters] U.S. new home sales fall less than expected in April

[BloombergQ] China’s Trade Deal With U.S. Leaves Germany Squeezed in Middle

[Reuters] Trump says he will propose new tax cuts prior to November

[BloombergQ] Fed Minutes to Detail Views on Inflation Overshoot, Yield Curve

[BloombergQ] Emerging-Market Stress Just Begun as Record Debt Wall Looms

[BloombergQ] Turkey’s Island of Market Calm Is a Mirage

[Reuters] U.S. home refinancing falls to lowest in 17-1/2 years: MBA

[BloombergQ] Investors Ask `Does Turkey Even Have a Central Bank Anymore?’

[CNN] Italy’s next government is Europe’s next crisis

[BloombergQ] Promises, Promises: Italy’s Populists Face Governing Reality

[CNBC] ‘World War III’ worries me more than economic sanctions do, Russia’s VTB Bank chief says

[WSJ] How Congress Rolled Back Banking Rules in a Rare Bipartisan Deal

[WSJ] The Sea of Leverage in Chinese Markets

[FT] Lira tumble reverberates across emerging market currencies

[FT] Turkish lira sell-off accelerates after rating agency warnings

[FT] Trump casts doubt on terms of China trade deal

[FT] Italy bonds and banks hit as sell-off resumes

[FT] M&A frenzy stokes fear of market nearing top of cycle

[FT] Italian bond fears turn to Monte Paschi debt



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