Les dépêches mardi 14 Aout

This chart showing the correlation between the and other currencies is but one illustration of the ongoing phase of technical in . For background, this was posted early this morning:

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La Corrélation entre la Lira et les autres monnaies des émergents est au plus haut de l’année.


Asia stocks trading mixed, with DM Asia bouncing and EM Asia hit by crash and soft China numbers. China’s July activity data missed across the board. Turkey Lira stabilizes for the moment, India’s Rupee at record low.

Le pessimisme Français n’est pas un mythe, la confiance n’est pas au rendez vous  

Many people in France, Italy and Spain are pessimistic about their country’s current economic situation and have low trust in traditional institutions.

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[Reuters] Asia tries to find its footing, China disappoints

[BloombergQ] Emerging Market Rout Eases After ‘Manic Monday’ Turkey Contagion

[BloombergQ] U.S. Warns Turkey Over Detained Pastor as Market Meltdown Drags On

[Reuters] China’s economy cools further, investment growth at record low

[Reuters] China’s July property investment grows at fastest pace in 2-years

[BloombergQ] Think Turkey, Argentine Sovereign Debt Is Bad? Look at Companies

[Reuters] China angered at new U.S. defense act, to assess content

[NYT] Why Turkey’s Financial Crisis Matters Outside Turkey

[FT] Turkish business feels the pain of currency crisis



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