Macron est tout seul

La  presse internationale lache Macron, et son arrogance.

Sa tentative Blairiste de prendre la tête de la croisade internationale contre le populisme et pour le golbalisme tourne en eau de boudin, tout comme celle qu’il avait ambitionné d’etre le  porte drapeau anti Trump.  trump  le ridiculise. Les Allemands lui tournent le dos.

The world seems to be closing in on Emmanuel Macron.

The French president returned from the Group of 20 summit in Argentina to find the “Yellow Vest” anti-tax protest movement is as popular as ever, despite its increasingly violent fringe.

In Brussels, finance ministers are due today to approve measures to strengthen the euro zone that are far weaker than the deep integration he’d preached. And later this week, Germany’s ruling CDU party will choose a new leader who almost certainly will be less keen on tightening up the European Union than Angela Merkel.

Saturday’s violence shocked France, and polls show that about four-fifths of the public think Macron should back down on the gasoline taxes – aimed at curbing carbon emissions – that spurred the protests. Even members of his party are urging him at least to delay them.

At home, it’s difficult to see how he can push through the next set of planned reforms involving sure-to-be unpopular pension and unemployment insurance cuts.

In Europe, the sweeping ambitions he laid out last year have butted up against Germany turning inward and Italy electing a euro-skeptic government.

Macron is trying lead a globalist push against the rise of the nationalists – just as the world is heading in a different direction.

– Gregory Viscusi

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