les dépêches lundi 7 janvier après midi, on digère

[Reuters] Stocks flat after Wall Street’s strongest surge in new year

[Reuters] Gold rises, palladium hits record high as Fed shift hopes hurt dollar

[Reuters] Oil gains 2 percent, extending rally from December lows

[Reuters] U.S. services sector growth hits five-month low in December

[Reuters] Trump: Weakness in China economy gives Beijing incentive for trade deal

[CNBC] Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: US tariffs pressure China’s ability to create jobs to stave off social unrest

[AP] China upbeat ahead of US trade talks, but differences large

[Reuters] Chinese tech investors flee Silicon Valley as Trump tightens scrutiny

[AP] China protests over US warship sighting as trade talks start

[Reuters] France’s Macron reeling as tough stance against ‘yellow vests’ backfires

[Reuters] U.S. Navy ship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade talks with Beijing

[WSJ] U.S. Pushes China to Follow Through on Trade Promises

[WSJ] Trade Tensions Take a Toll on China’s Economy

[FT] Market challenge for the Fed is just beginning

[FT] Vanguard keeps title of fastest-growing fund manager

[FT] China turns up heat on individual users of foreign websites

[Bloomberg] Credit Investors Are Still Braced for a Blow-Out in Spreads

[Bloomberg] Goldman Sounds the China Alarm and Cuts Metals Outlook

Une opinion peut etre un peu précoce mais assez fondée



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