Doc La récession globale de la démocratie

L’avenir de la démocratie

The Future of Democracy symposium was held on April 8 and 9, 2019. The event convened CFR scholars and experts from think tanks and academic institutions to examine the state of democratic governments around the world, the roles of economics, identity, and technology in empowering or undermining democracy, and what steps governments can take to protect and promote democracy at home and abroad.

Presented as part of the Rita Hauser Annual Event, the symposium was made possible by the generous support of the Hauser Foundation.

Keynote Session: Are Democracies Dying?
Speaker Thomas Shannon, Jr.
Presider Deborah S. Amos
Introductory Remarks James M. Lindsay

Session One: The Global Democratic Recession
Speakers Michelle Gavin, Matthias Matthijs, Shannon K. O’Neil, Dan Slater
Presider Gary Rosen

Session Two: Economics, Identity, and the Democratic Recession
Speakers J. Bradford DeLong, John B. Judis, Catherine Rampell
Presider John C. Bussey

Session Three: Technology and the Future of Democracy
Speakers Shanthi A. Kalathil, Laura M. Rosenberger, Adam Segal
Presider Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

Session Four: Can Democracy be Saved?
Speakers Thomas Carothers, Joshua Kurlantzick, Adrienne LeBas
Presider Carol A. Giacomo


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