Les dépêches jeudi après midi, énorme poussée d’inscriptions au chômage US, hausse du pétrole, or 1632, marchés plus stables, dollar ferme.

[Reuters] World stocks drift as wary investors expect grim U.S. jobs data

[Reuters] Dollar maintains gains after weeks of rallying

[CNBC] Oil rallies 10% after Trump says he expects Saudi Arabia-Russia feud to end soon

[MarketWatch] Gold extends rise after another surge in jobless claims

[CNBC] 10-year Treasury yield falls below 0.6% after unemployment claims surge for a second week

[CNBC] US weekly jobless claims total 6.6 million, vs 3.1 million expected

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: US unemployment claims skyrocket, Boeing offers workforce buyouts

[Reuters] Stuck at home and jobless, Americans confront growing costs of coronavirus

[CNBC] Whiting Petroleum is just the ‘first domino’ to fall in US shale wipeout, strategist says

[AP] Apply here: How to spend $2.2 trillion — and rescue economy

[Reuters] Ford first-quarter U.S. auto sales tumble 12.5% on coronavirus hit

[Reuters] Exclusive: U.S. officials agree on new ways to control high tech exports to China – sources

[Bloomberg] Yuan Weakens Past Key Support Level as Depreciation Quickens

[Bloomberg] China-Focused Hedge Funds Risk a Wave of Redemptions

[Bloomberg] Worst Yet to Come For Junk Debt as Defaults Loom, Goldman Says

[NYT] Coronavirus Is Making the Public Pension Crisis Even Worse

[NYT] Empty Hotels. Idled Tour Buses. The Pandemic Is Devastating Tourism.

[WSJ] Fed Temporarily Eases Capital Requirements for Big Banks

[WSJ] How the Muni Market Became the Epicenter of the Liquidity Crisis

[FT] Investors brace for credit crisis in emerging markets

[FT] China’s economy has yet to reach bottom

[FT] China, coronavirus and surveillance: the messy reality of personal data

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