Les dépêches lundi fin après midi, or à 1769, recrudescence du virus aux USA, Weidmann admet le money printing.

[Reuters] ECB money-printing shouldn’t become ‘unbound’, says Weidmann

[CNBC] Stocks fall to start the week, American Airlines shares decline

[Reuters] Global stocks shrug off fresh virus wave fears, dollar slips

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Drives Toward Highest Since 2012 on Virus Resurgence Concern

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: South Korea sees ‘second wave;’ WHO reports record spike in global cases

[CNBC] U.S. reports more than 30,000 coronavirus cases two days straight, the highest number since May 1

[CNBC] Coronavirus cases surge in U.S. and Brazil as Germany reports more outbreaks, but markets don’t seem worried

[Reuters] Changing of guard at top German court signals de-escalation for ECB

[Reuters] Italy PM says budget deficit likely to rise further amid pandemic

[Reuters] ECB money-printing shouldn’t become ‘unbound’, says Weidmann

[Reuters] Brazil passes 50,000 coronavirus deaths as outbreak worsens

[Japan Times] Chinese bomber approaches Taiwan in latest fly-by near island

[Bloomberg] U.S. Home-Mortgage Delinquencies Reach Highest Level Since 2011

[Bloomberg] ECB Looks to Defuse German Legal Timebomb Threatening Stimulus

[Bloomberg] Virus Surge Jolts Prospects for World Economy

[Bloomberg] We Will Be Living With the Coronavirus Pandemic Well Into 2021

[WSJ] China Tech Firms Face Backlash Over Beijing’s Policies

[FT] US shale companies face $300bn in writedowns in Q2

Regain du virus dans le monde

Regain du virus en allemagne 



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