Les dépêches, un petit accés de froid sur les animal spirits DJ -800 pts

[Reuters] Wall Street tumbles as tech rally loses steam, economic data weighs

[Reuters] Dollar gains further on worries ECB grew uncomfortable with euro rise

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Drops Again With OPEC Supply and Wavering Demand in Focus

[Reuters] U.S. trade deficit jumps to 12-year high in July

[CNBC] U.S. weekly jobless claims total 881,000, vs 950,000 expected

[Reuters] Investors snap up U.S. corporate debt, pushing some real yields below zero

[Reuters] China’s services sector sustains recovery as hiring picks up: Caixin PMI

[Reuters] Euro zone public deficit levels unsustainable, ECB’s Wunsch says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Darkest Quant Fears Ring True in $1 Trillion World of Smart Beta

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] A Currency War Is the Last Thing the World Needs

[Bloomberg] Covid-19 Flares in New Hot Spots as Americans Let Their Guard Down

[NYT] Inflation Is Higher Than the Numbers Say

[WSJ] Doing the Math on Third-Quarter GDP

[WSJ] Fed’s Williams: New Policy Regime Will Help Fed Achieve Job, Inflation Goals

[WSJ] Oversupply of Easy Money Sends European Borrowing Rates to Record Low

[FT] Fed’s inflation shift is another blow to ‘safe’ assets

[FT] Speculation in tech stocks points to wild swings

[FT] Hong Kong: Beijing cracks down while the financial centre thrives

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