Les dépêches jeudi, or à 1914

Le yoyo du stimulus est a nouveau en marche.

Le quatrième trimestre débute mal si on en croit les indications préliminaires

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Climb on Stimulus Hopes: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Global shares extend gains on U.S. stimulus, upbeat data

[Reuters] Dollar gives ground as hopes of US stimulus leads traders to riskier currencies

[Reuters] White House stimulus proposal goes over $1.5 trillion with $20 billion for airlines

[CNBC] U.S. weekly jobless claims total 837,000, vs 850,000 estimate

[Reuters] Mnuchin reports movement on COVID-19 relief; House delays vote

[Reuters] U.S. planned job cuts increase in September: report

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Vaccine trial participants report intense side effects

[Reuters] Big U.S. banks to report profit plunge as pandemic recession takes hold

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Blistering IPO Market Is Rekindling Dot-Com Era Froth Fears

[Reuters] Outflows point to ‘risk-off’ brewing in emerging markets -IIF

[AP] Unemployment marches higher in Europe as pandemic grinds on

[NYT] As the Election Looms, Investors See Uncertainty. They Don’t Like It.

[WSJ] U.S. Consumer Spending Rose in August, but Incomes Pose Hurdle for Economic Recovery

[WSJ] West Coast Wildfires Devastate Heart of California’s Wine Industry

[FT] China’s sabre-rattling over Taiwan rises as US tensions grow

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