Les dépêches vendredi, hausse des taux longs, marchés hésitants

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nasdaq Slides as Yields Climb With Dollar: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Yields Surge to Test Key Level in Sudden Selling Bout

[Reuters] Global stocks, oil edge away from highs as stimulus rally ebbs

[Reuters] German bonds’ ECB optimism fades as Treasury yields shoot higher

[AP] Wholesale prices rise 0.5% in February as energy costs jump

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Dealers Offload Bonds as Regulatory Deadline Nears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] All Eyes on Fed After ECB Juices Up Bond Yield Divergence Trade

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tencent Faces Broad China Clampdown on Fintech, Deals

[Reuters] Ransom-seeking hackers are taking advantage of Microsoft flaw: expert

[Reuters] Lawsuits or bankruptcies? Long horns of Texas power price dilemma

[Reuters] China warns U.S. to stay out of Hong Kong affairs ahead of Alaska meet

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] NPC: What We Learned From China’s Biggest Political Meeting

[WSJ] Bitcoin and Chip Makers Are Caught in a Bad Romance

[FT] From plague to polio: how do pandemics end?

[FT] Billions at stake and no one knows who takes the hit: when is Greensill a systemic risk?

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