Doc européenne, 77 pages sur la corruption en Ukraine


Doc européenne sur la corruption en Ukraine

Ukraine has been suffering from corruption – particularly grand corruption – for
many years. The EU has backed several reforms to increase the rule of law and fight
corruption in Ukraine.
II Although EU key documents mention the fight against corruption, they make no
specific reference to grand corruption. “Grand corruption” is defined as the abuse of
high-level power that benefits the few, and causes serious and widespread harm to
individuals and society. Oligarchs and vested interests are the root cause of this
corruption. Grand corruption and state capture hinder competition and growth, and
harm the democratic process.
III Preventing and fighting corruption in Ukraine is one of several EU objectives for
EU assistance in Ukraine. The Commission and the European Advisory Mission Ukraine
supported capacity-building for institutions engaged in fostering the rule of law, in
particular the newly-created anti-corruption institutions. We focused our audit on
grand corruption as this is the main obstacle to the rule of law and economic
development in Ukraine. We audited whether the European External Action Service
and the Commission have effectively assessed the specific situation in Ukraine as
regards grand corruption, and taken the necessary action to support reforms in
Ukraine. We focused on the EU’s contributions to judicial and anticorruption reforms
during the 2016-2019 implementation period.
IV The European External Action Service and the Commission have viewed
corruption as a cross-cutting priority, and channelled funds and efforts through a
variety of sectors. Overall, we found that this approach focused insufficiently on grand
corruption. While the EU has helped to reduce corruption opportunities, grand
corruption remains a key problem in Ukraine. Judicial reform is experiencing setbacks,
anti-corruption institutions are at risk, trust in such institutions remains low, and the
number of convictions resulting from grand corruption is small. Although the European
External Action Service and the Commission have viewed reducing corruption as a
cross-cutting issue, they have not designed and implemented a specific strategy to
tackle grand corruption. The projects we examined were not exclusively focused on
fighting grand corruption, but half of them included some activities that indirectly
addressed the problem.

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2 réflexions sur “Doc européenne, 77 pages sur la corruption en Ukraine

  1. A la lecture de ce rapport, on peut comprendre l’appetit de certains ….quand bien mème la corruption en Ukraine ne correspond pas à l’esprit de l’union.


  2. Bonjour M. Bertez

    La table des matières du document est déjà assez révélatrice!
     » La Commission ne s’est pas spécifiquement intéressée à la corruption à très haut niveau… »

    Évitons les sujets qui fâchent et les vaccinés seront bien gardés!

    ( J. Biden:  » Et vous m’en voyez fort aise! » – mais c’est off the record!)



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