Comment violer les sanctions tout en ne les violant pas.

Bloomberg: EU develops plan to buy gas from Russia without violating sanctions

The European Union intends to offer gas importers a solution that, on the one hand, allows them to avoid violating sanctions when buying fuel in Russia, and, on the other hand, to satisfy the requirements of the Russian Federation to pay in rubles.

The executive body of the EU at a closed meeting allowed the governments of European countries to open ruble accounts in Gazprombank and buy Russian gas. However, companies must make a clear statement that they consider their obligations fulfilled when they pay in euros or dollars in accordance with existing contracts. After that, European buyers should not require any action from Russia regarding payment.

The EU’s executive body has told governments that the guidance will allow them to buy gas without violating anti-Russian sanctions.

According to Putin’s decree, companies must open two accounts with Gazprombank – one in euros and one in rubles. At the same time, payments for gas are not credited until the conversion of euros into rubles.

Earlier it was reported that 20 European companies have already opened ruble accounts with Gazprombank, 14 have requested documents for opening an account, and 4 have already made a payment in rubles.


2 réflexions sur “Comment violer les sanctions tout en ne les violant pas.

  1. Ce mécanisme de contournement est bien joli mais que fait la Russie des euros ou dollars ainsi convertis en rouble puisque non utilisables car gelés ?


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