Les dépêches vendredi; destruction de 16 trillions de richesse fictive.

J’ai expliqué il y a quelques jours que la capitalisation, le papier, actions , obligations ce n’était pas la richesse. La richesse c’est le réel, c’est ce qui produit les cash flows. La capitalisation ce sont les contre valeurs, et les contre valeurs sont gonflées par le Ponzi.

Powell une phrase dont il faudra se souvenir

The most overlooked yet important line from Powell yesterday was:

 »We’d like to see positive real interest rates across the entire curve. That will make us more comfortable inflation will be slowing down ».

Le bon sens de Rosenberg

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Bounce; Dollar Strengthens: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Tumbles as BOJ Stands Pat, Makes Rare Reference to FX Market

[Reuters] Stocks eye steepest slide since 2020 as central bankers roil markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Gas Surges 60% This Week as Moscow’s Cuts Roil Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Pares Weekly Loss as Traders Weigh Monetary Tightening

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Junk-Bond Spreads Top 500 Basis Points in First Since 2020

[CNBC] Powell vows that the Fed is ‘acutely focused’ on bringing down inflation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Kuroda Deepens BOJ’s Outlier Status, Keeping Pressure on Yen

[Reuters] BOJ maintains ultra-low rates, warns it is closely watching yen moves

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] World’s Central Banks Unleash Most Hawkish Campaign Since 1980s

[Reuters] Column: Full force of central banks siphoning world liquidity

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Kyiv Takes First EU Step as Russia Tightens Grip

[CNBC] China’s property troubles have pushed one debt indicator above levels seen in the financial crisis

[Reuters] China launches third aircraft carrier Fujian – state media

[Reuters] China hit by rare convergence of rainfall, heatwaves and a tornado

[AP] Russia again cuts natural gas exports to European countries

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russian Cuts Force Europe to Use Gas It Was Saving for Winter

[AP] As Po dries up, Italy’s food and energy supplies are at risk

[Bloomberg] Sydney Property Prices Seen Falling 20% in Harbinger for Nation

[WSJ] Recession Fears Surge Among CEOs, Survey Suggests

[WSJ] Battered Crypto Hedge Fund Three Arrows Capital Considers Asset Sales, Bailout

[FT] Covid hospitalisations rise in Europe as sub-variants fuel new wave


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