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Featuring Dan Kovalik and Scott Ritter. Co-sponsored by the James Connolly Forum, The United Anti-war Coalition, and Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace This meeting took place in the Bethlehem Public Library in Delmar, NYMoins

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il y a 2 joursBrilliant speakers. Expertly chaired. The Ukrainian fascist disrupters failed miserably. More of this please and congratulations to the speakers and organizers.


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il y a 2 joursRitter is probably one of the very few people on the planet who understand the consequences of sending short range ballistic weapons to the border of Russia. It is scary to think how eager too many people are only too quick to shout him down rather than listen to what he says and put aside what their perception of his character may or may not be.


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il y a 2 joursI feel for Scott, there’s long way to go, there are lots of ignorant and undereducated people around. Don’t give up Scott R. You are doing great work of it. ZOV.


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il y a 2 joursThanks to the sane Americans who have not forgotten how to think with their own heads. Thanks to the speakers who speak the truth and fight for peace.


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il y a 2 jours (modifié)Maximum respect to all men of goodwill, in the west, who stand on the right side of History!🙏🙌 Respect for Scott Ritter and Dan Kovalik!!!! 🙏🙌


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