Les dépêches, gesticulations géopolitiques

  • Trump baisse les tensions: nous n’allons pas en Syrie
  • le 10 ans US casse sa borne inférieure des 2,30% à 2,29% ;
  • Trump dit qu’il doit passer le healthcare avant les réforme ficale;

    Trump says he has to pass health bill before tackling tax-reform

  • President Donald Trump on Wednesday told The Wall Street Journal that he has not decided whether to reappoint Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve when her term expires next year. Asked if Yellen was toast, he replied: « No, not toast. » « I do like a low-interest rate policy, I must be honest with you, » Trump said. Trump said the U.S. dollar DXY, -0.41% is « getting too strong » and also said his administration won’t label China a currency manipulator in a report due this week.
  • Trump prend ses distances avec Bannon:  There have been reports of discord among Trump’s top White House advisers, and rumors that controversial chief strategist Bannon may be on the way out. When asked Monday by Post columnist Michael Goodwin if he still had confidence in Bannon, Trump didn’t exactly give a ringing endorsement: “I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late. I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.”In the same interview, Trump told Goodwin that, despite last week’s airstrike, U.S. policy toward Syria has not changed. “We’re not going into Syria,” Trump said. “Our policy is the same — it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”
  • AP: Administration officials say it’s now unlikely that a tax overhaul will meet the August deadline set by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. But the ambitious pace to figure out a plan reflects Trump’s haste to move quickly past a bruising failure to broker a compromise within his own party on how to replace the health insurance law enacted under President Barack Obama.
  • Futures flat as geopolitical risks weigh; earnings eyed (Reuters)
  • Brent oil rises for 8th day on possible extension to supply cut (Reuters)
  • U.S. accuses Russia of Syria gas attack ‘cover up’ (Reuters)
  • Xi Tells Trump China Wants Peaceful North Korea Solution (WSJ)
  • Tillerson, Lavrov Hold Talks in Moscow Amid Rising Tensions Over Syria (WSJ)

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