Document L’Internationale Noire dans ses oeuvres, The Telegraph

The scandalous ‘Brexit-Dinner’ in Downing Street was an ambush.

Quite apart from the breach of trust by EU officials, the incident was clearly planned.

It has the hallmarks of a stunt. The “leaks” in the Frankfurter Allgemeine – should you be so naive as to accept them at face value – are a concerted attempt to discredit the Prime Minister and the Government at the outset of an election campaign.

Brussels is behaving as if it hopes to reduce her working majority in Parliament, and blunt her Brexit mandate. The EU is playing on Britain’s deep political and regional divisions at a critical moment, in essence trying to manipulate the outcome of a Westminster election.

The mask drops when Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker pulls out two heavy tomes from his attaché case, either as mockery or to drive home the point that negotiations must follow a remorseless bureaucratic calendar determined…

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