Les dépêches mercredi fin après midi

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Rise With Dollar, Treasuries Slump: Markets Wrap

[Investing.com] Euro Drops Sharply As ECB Said To Cut Inflation Outlook

[Reuters] ECB triggers overnight Santander rescue of Spain’s Banco Popular

[Bloomberg] ECB Said to Cut Inflation Outlook After Energy Prices Slide

[Reuters] European bank bailout soothes anxious markets

[Bloomberg] Gold Makes Run Toward $1,300 as Risk Flares From U.K. to Mideast

[Bloomberg] Thursday Triple Whammy Has Funds On Edge: AMP’s Short Real, Amundi’s Long Euro

[Bloomberg] Gulf Banks to Cut Qatar Exposure as Wider Sanctions Seen

[Reuters] Political leaders hunt for votes on last day of tumultuous British election campaign

[Reuters] China May forex reserves rise more than expected on weaker dollar, capital controls

[Bloomberg] The World’s $100 Trillion Question: Why Is Inflation So Low?

[Bloomberg, El-Erian] What the ECB Will Do This Week

[FT] Leverage poised to make a comeback on calm markets

[FT] Investor doubts about Trump agenda weigh on dollar

[FT] Why the UK election matters to rest of the world

[FT] The ECB’s German bonds headache

[WSJ] GOP Senators’ Medicaid Clash Jeopardizes Health Deal

[WSJ] Spring Rally in Stocks, Bonds, Gold and Bitcoin Unnerves Investors

[WSJ] Millions of Young People Shut Out of the Housing Market

[WSJ] China Market Squeeze Starts to Strangle Small Businesses

[WSJ] U.S. Oil Exports Double, Reshaping Vast Global Markets

[WSJ] ECB Critic Holds His Tongue as Race Nears for Bank’s Top Job

[WSJ] Australians Have So Much Debt They’re Becoming Afraid to Spend


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