L’Italie bombardée de migrants


Les arrivées en Italie sont en hausse de 19% par rapport à l’an dernier .Rome a menacé de fermer ses ports aux bateaux qui les aident. L’italie demnde que les autres pays européens prennent eux aussi une part de la charge de ces migrants. L’Italie voudrait que les demandes d’asile soient déplacées de l’Italie point d’arrivée à la Libye, point de départ. Le tri doit être fait avant exigent les autorités italiennes. Les conversations entre les ministres de l’intérieur europens n’en finissent pas, sans résultat.


« There are NGO ships, Sophia and Frontex boats, Italian coast guard vessels » saving migrants i the Mediterranean, Minniti said, referring to the aid boats as well as vessels deployed under EU border security missions.


« They are sailing under the flags of various European countries. If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question, » he said.


« I am a europhile and I would be proud if even one vessel, instead of arriving in Italy, went to another European port. It would not resolve Italy’s problem, but it would be an extraordinary signal » of support, he said.


Of course, in the face of the ever-growing crisis, the interior ministers of France, Germany and Italy got together to do what politicians do best: talk.  And while we’re sure that European citizens are very happy that « the talks went off very well, » somehow we suspect the continued « all talk, no action » approach to the crisis is not entirely satisfactory for a continent that has been devastated by terrorist attacks of late.

The French and German interior ministers met with their Italian counterpart Marco Minniti in Paris on Sunday to discuss a « coordinated response » to Italy’s migrant crisis, hours after Minniti had called on other European countries to open their ports to rescue ships.


The working dinner at the French interior ministry — also attended by EU Commissioner for Refugees Dimitris Avramopoulos — was aimed at finding « a coordinated and concerted response to the migrant flux in the central Mediterranean (route) and see how to better help the Italians, » a source close the talks said.


The four-way talks between Minniti, Thomas de Maiziere of Germany, Gerard Collomb of France and Avramopoulos will also prepare them for EU talks in Tallinn this week.


« The talks went off very well, » a member of the Italian delegation told AFP after the Paris meeting, with the « Italian proposals being discussed ». The source offered no other details.


« We are under enormous pressure, » Minniti had said earlier Sunday in an interview with Il Messaggero.

Meanwhile, over 2,000 migrants have died this year alone in their attempts to cross the Mediterranean.

More than 83,000 people rescued while attempting the perilous crossing from Libya have been brought to Italy so far this year, according to the UN, while more than 2,160 have died trying, the International Organization for Migration says.


Italy’s Red Cross has warned the situation in the country’s overcrowded reception centres is becoming critical.


« What is happening in front of our eyes in Italy is an unfolding tragedy, » UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said on Saturday.


Minniti said Rome would be pushing for a way to shift the asylum application process from Italy to crisis-hit Libya, and safely bring to Europe those who win the right to protection.


« We have to distinguish before they set off (across the Mediterranean) between those who have a right to humanitarian protection and those who don’t, » he said.



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