Les dépêches, le narrative de l’atterrissage prend corps vendredi soir

-La ruine n’est pas un évènement, c’est un processus !

-No place to hide, le risk-off sur les actions ne provoque pas d’achats sur les fonds d’état …

-Le DAX perd 4,2% dans la semaine

-les moutons ou les aveugles?

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Drop With Treasuries After Jobs Data: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] U.S. Added 200,000 Jobs in January; Wages Rise Most Since 2009

[Bloomberg] U.S. Consumer Sentiment Tops Estimates on Jobs, Income Outlook

[CNBC] US 10-year Treasury yield jumps to 4-year high of 2.83% after jobs report

[Reuters] Dow futures drop 250 points as bond yields rise; jobs data eyed

[Bloomberg] European Stocks’ Stellar Start to Year Unravels in Sharp Selloff

[Bloomberg] Bitcoin Tumbles as Crypto Bubble Shows Signs of Bursting

[Bloomberg] Bond-Market Pain Reaches 30-Year Treasuries as Yield Breaches 3%

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank Investors See No Silver Lining After Results Slump

[Bloomberg] Wall Street Is Taking On More Risk Again

[Bloomberg] The Market’s Goldilocks Era Is Nearing an End

[Bloomberg] Bank of America Sell Signal Rings Louder on Record Equity Inflow

[Bloomberg] Japan Authorities Raid Coincheck After $500 Million Heist

[WSJ] China Stocks Hit by Beijing’s Financial Clampdown

[FT] Economists warn of Trump deficit’s ‘dark trajectory’

[FT] Equity fund inflows hit record as stock market sees best January since 1987

[FT] Rallying euro helps to fuel worst week for German stocks since November 2016



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