Les dépêches lundi soir, le shadow banking pèse …45 trillions

[Bloomberg] Stocks Fall as Trade Threats Loom; Dollar Rises: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Italian Markets Feel the Heat as Anti-Establishment Parties Surge

[Bloomberg] Trump Says No Mexico, Canada Steel Break Without Fair Nafta

[Bloomberg] Trump’s Tariffs: All the Latest Developments

[Reuters] Trump’s tariffs set to dominate final day of NAFTA talks

[CNBC] The Fed is now entering the most difficult phase of monetary policy

[Bloomberg] Markets May Need to Buckle Up for Trade Tensions Over Long Haul

[Bloomberg] Easy Allocation Models ‘Doomed’ as Diversification Breaks Down

[Bloomberg] China Sets 2018 GDP Target at About 6.5% as Stability Push Intensifies

[Reuters] Italy’s League, 5-Star vie for power after inconclusive vote

[Bloomberg] It Could Be Crunch Time for World’s Third Most-Indebted Country

[Reuters] China warns Taiwan it won’t tolerate separatist activities

[NYT] Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco

[WSJ] Trump Links Planned Steel Tariffs to Nafta Renegotiation Effort

[WSJ] Trump Administration Beats Back Warnings on Tariffs

[WSJ] Italy Faces Political Paralysis After Populist Jolt

[WSJ] Credit-Card Losses Surge at Small Banks

[FT] Shadow banking grows to more than $45tn assets globally

[FT] Italy anti-establishment parties set for big gains

[FT] How the Middle East is sowing seeds of a second Arab spring



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