Les dépêches. Attaques d’Israel en Syrie? La Chine menace de dévaluer le Yuan .


Provocation Israelienne?

Syrian media reports a missile strike on the T4 airbase between Palmyra and Homs. • The United States says that must have been someone else.

• France, too, denies involvement:

• Israel has, um, no comment.

First time blames Israel for striking targets in – Moscow also demanded Israeli govt officially explains why it hit the T4 air base – (Israel has hit military targets in Syria many times over the years w/ Russia turning a blind eye)

Israel tries – again – to provoke war against Syria and drag in the US military. 

Israel essaie de provoquer un nouvel embrasement en Syrie , espérant attirer à nouveau Trump dans le conflit alors qu’il vient, il y a quelques jours, de dire qu’il voulait se retirer de Syrie.

Attaque israelienne supposée contre la Syrie

Over the night about 20 cruise misisle reportedly hit , presumably from Mediterranean. , deny they are behind the attacks. Other reports suggest mil aircrafts(s) entered SYR air space, suggests they were /i but this hasn’t been confimred.

Maxim A. Suchkov

Syrian military says Israel struck T4 air base located in the Homs Governorate, north of Tiyas, and west of the ancient city of Palmyra.


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Un nouveau patron à la Deutsche Bank. Ce n’est pas gestion qui est importante, c’est le positionnement stratégique historique qui est dépassé!

Deutsche Bank’s new chief executive Christian Sewing has already hinted at more job cuts under his leadership

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