Les dépêches lundi 28 janvier, la fin du shutdown n’enthousiasme pas

  • The US government is not shut down. At least, it is not shut down just at the moment. The (possibly temporary) reopening lessens the economic risks and gives government employees real money that they can spend in the real economy.
  •  The UK parliament votes on the government’s plan B (this is plan A, cunningly disguised as something original). It is not this, but the amendments that are interesting, and which may extend the exit date until December.
  • Assorted central bankers are due to speak. The Bank of England’s Carney  cannot say much while the EU situation remains unresolved.
  • The ECB’s Draghi will be cooing like a dove before the European parliament.
  • The US has little on offer, other than speculation ahead of Wednesday’s US-China trade talks.

Macron déclare qu’il « marche sur la glace », c’est normal, jusqu’à présent il avait marché sur l’eau et la température est descendue.


[Reuters] Asian stocks advance after U.S. government reopens for now

[Reuters] Gold firm near 7-month peak on U.S. rate pause hopes

[CNBC] Trump tells WSJ another government shutdown is ‘certainly an option’

[CNBC] US-China trade war: A stable deal with a strategic adversary is an elusive quest

[WSJ] Trump Skeptical He Would Accept Any Congressional Border Deal

[WSJ] Manufacturers Take a Sales Hit in China

[FT] Specialist loan vehicles lure yield-hungry investors



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