Les dépêches jeudi 21 après midi, mauvais indicateurs de croissance US

Recul du PMI US  à 53,7 contre 54,9
Chute du Philly Fed de 17 à -4,1
3 mois de baisse pour les dépenses des entreprises  en CAPEX
[Reuters] Global shares retain gains, Aussie whacked by rates and coal woes

[Reuters] U.S. core capital goods orders unexpectedly fall in December

[Reuters] Exclusive: U.S., China sketch outlines of deal to end trade war – sources

[Bloomberg] U.S., China Are Working on Multiple Memorandums for Trade Deal

[Reuters] Exclusive: China central bank sees benchmark rate cut as last resort, may use other tools – sources

[CNBC] Fed’s Bullard: Rate hikes, balance sheet reduction ‘coming to an end’

[Reuters] Fitch may cut UK’s ‘AA’ rating on Brexit uncertainty

[Bloomberg] Housing Dream Turned Nightmare Spurs a Backlash in Australia

[Bloomberg] Major Chinese Port Bans Australian Coal Imports, Report Says

[Bloomberg] ECB Urged Swift Analysis, No Hasty Decision on New Lending

[AP] Minutes show Fed officials noted number of rising threats

[Reuters] Putin to U.S.: I’m ready for another Cuban Missile crisis if you want one

[WSJ] The U.S. and China Fear Their Leaders Will Cave In on Trade Battle

[FT] Chinese premier in rare spat with central bank

[FT] Why are Eurozone countries still so indebted?



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