Les dépêches jeudi 23 Mai. Une actualité riche, un flux de nouvelles négatif et des marchés en forte baisse

Fait divers symbolique de l’époque:

Le rendement du 10 ans US au plus bas depuis 2017 

[Reuters] Wall St. falls on fear of likely U.S.-China tech cold war

[Reuters] Trade woes sink shares, Brexit weighs on sterling

[Reuters] Yen gains as trade woes, Brexit concerns shake investor confidence

[CNBC] China says trade talks can’t continue unless US addresses its ‘wrong actions’

[Reuters] China calls out U.S. ‘wrong actions’ as Huawei ban rattles supply chains

[Axios] For Trump, a China trade war election

[The Hill] No agreement on budget caps in sight ahead of Memorial Day recess

[CNBC] Huawei says its own operating system could be ready this year if it can’t use Google or Microsoft

[Reuters] Drop in German business morale points to meager growth

[Reuters] Japan May flash PMI snaps back into contraction as Sino-U.S. trade war escalates

[AP] Deutsche Bank ready for ‘tough cuts’ as share price sags

[Reuters] U.S. Navy sends two ships through strategic Taiwan Strait

[CNBC] As US plays hardball, China watcher Stephen Roach warns that odds of a trade deal are ‘rapidly receding’

[Reuters] Modi promises inclusive India after stunning election win

[Bloomberg] Full-Blown Trade War Is Quickly Shifting From Risk to ‘Baseline’

[Bloomberg] Fears Rise China Could Choke off Supply of Rare Earths in Trade War

[Bloomberg] Chinese Government Expert Sees Trade Tensions Lasting Until 2035

[Bloomberg] The Trade War’s Grip on Currency Markets Tightens

[Bloomberg] China Stocks at the Mercy of Foreigners Like Never Before

[Bloomberg] Pig-Killing Virus Now ‘Endemic’ in Two Regions of China, UN Says

[WSJ] Trump’s Point Man on China Trade Is Still Trying to Close the Deal

[WSJ] Trump Walks Out on Pelosi, Schumer

[WSJ] The EU’s New Headache: Skeptics Are Poised to Gain Power From Within

[FT] Trade war sparks fears of China weaponising US Treasuries


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