Les dépêches mercedi 8, or spot à 1811

[Reuters] Global shares waver on coronavirus fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Drift, European Stocks Trim Decline: Markets Wrap

[MarketWatch] Gold prices extend climb above 9-year high as traders see few limits to central-bank stimulus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Trump Aides Weigh Proposals to Undermine Hong Kong’s Dollar Peg

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Skeptical That Trump Will Break Hong Kong’s Dollar Peg

[CNBC] Homebuyer mortgage demand spikes 33% as rates set another record low

[CNBC] Real estate CEO expects ‘exodus’ of central business districts to last the next two years

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond-Market Tourists Threaten to Bolt With $200 Billion at Risk

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The Hottest Hedge-Fund Strategy Is Facing an Existential Crisis

[CNBC] Storied apparel brand Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy as it seeks a buyer and closes dozens of stores

[Reuters] China’s jobs problem runs deeper than the coronavirus

[Reuters] Chinese factories to face headwinds in next phase of post-lockdown recovery

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Industrial Firms Face Refinancing Risks as Debt Wall Looms

[Reuters] Coronavirus spurs Japan bank lending at record pace in June

[Bloomberg] The U.S.-China Rivalry Is Broadening From Trade to Everything

[Bloomberg] U.S. Peg Threat Throws Another Test at Hong Kong’s Hardy Markets

[WSJ] Recession Forces Spending Cuts on States, Cities Hit by Coronavirus

[WSJ] The Other Chinese Property Debt to Worry About

[WSJ] Sprawling Countries Find Coronavirus Hard to Contain

[FT] Stocks struggle as US virus outbreaks threaten recovery

[FT] China’s stock market surge is fuelled by liquidity not fundamentals

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