Les dépêches Mercredi 21

Regain sur le Bitcoin

Le rendement du 10 ans US monte doucement


[Reuters] Stocks fall as investors focus on U.S. stimulus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Slump With Dollar Amid Stimulus Bets: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Yuan hits 27-month high on PBOC guidance, upbeat data

[CNBC] Mortgage demand from homebuyers falls for the fourth straight week

[CNBC] Stimulus package is unlikely to get through Congress before the election, Goldman Sachs says

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Eli Lilly brings in drug plant consultants; study finds factors contributing to ‘long Covid’

[Reuters] U.S. retailers secure stores as worries about election unrest mount

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Junk Bonds Won’t Save Everybody From Going Bust

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chicago Poised for Painful Choices to Close Record Budget Gap

[CNBC] A ‘blue wave’ in U.S. elections could bring forward Fed rate hikes, says Morgan Stanley

[Reuters] China to balance stable growth and risk prevention: central bank

[Reuters] UK borrowing exceeds forecasts, debt highest since 1960

[Bloomberg] White House Says Goal Is Fiscal Stimulus Deal in Next 48 Hours

[Bloomberg] Can China’s Rebound Last? A Look Behind the Latest GDP Numbers

[NYT] The Fed’s $4 Trillion Lifeline Never Materialized. Here’s Why.

[WSJ] Leveraged Buyouts Come Roaring Back After Coronavirus-Related Lull

[WSJ] More Corporate Bonds Are Rated Triple-A in China Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

[FT] China-US shipping costs soar on pandemic glut

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