Les dépêches, chute du secteur crypto, contagion. Taper tantrum!

Taper tantrum

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Drop on Inflation Concern: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Global Markets – Crypto crash deepens, stocks slip

[Reuters] Gold prices hover near four-month high ahead of Fed minutes

[CNBC] Bitcoin tanks 25% in 24 hours to fall below $32,000, hitting lowest level since Feb. 3

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bitcoin’s Obstacles Mount Amid China Cryptocurrency Warning

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Specter of 1960s Inflation Take-Off Haunts U.S. Economy Today

[CNBC] Homebuyers are applying for ever bigger mortgages as home prices soar

[Reuters] China says it will stabilise commodity market, step up trade and stockpiling adjustment

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Huarong Volatility Intensifies as Beijing Keeps Traders Guessing

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Huarong’s Journey From Safe Bet to Bad News: A Timeline

[Reuters] Explainer: What Beijing’s new crackdown means for crypto in China

[AP] ECB sees elevated risks to financial stability in Europe

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.K. Inflation Doubles as Post-Lockdown Spending Splurge Starts

[Reuters] Drought-hit Taiwan plans more water curbs for chip hubs

[Bloomberg] The Housing Market Has a Bottleneck That’s Even Bigger Than Lumber

[Bloomberg] Post-Archegos Hedge Fund Financing Faces Close Scrutiny by BOE

[Bloomberg] World’s Largest Iceberg Breaks Off in Antarctica as Glaciers Retreat

[WSJ] SPAC Selloff Bruises Individual Investors

[FT] Silicon Valley veteran warns of ‘very frothy’ markets

[FT] Huarong’s woes are a warning to lazy investors

[FT] Arctic rivalry heats up among the great powers

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