En vrac, nouvelles de l’inflation, le vol en bande organisée.

L’illustration de la plus grande défaite des classes salariées depuis WW2, avec la complicité des syndicats et de toutes les organisations politiques. Et des médias bien sur.

March 31 – Associated Press :

“An inflation gauge that is closely monitored by the Federal Reserve jumped 6.4% in February compared with a year ago, with sharply higher prices for food, gasoline and other necessities squeezing Americans’ finances. The figure… was the largest year-over-year rise since January 1982. Excluding volatile prices for food and energy, so-called core inflation increased 5.4% in February from 12 months earlier.”

March 28 – Bloomberg :

“Manufacturers from Texas to the East Coast signal they’ll be paying more for raw materials in the next six months, and they also see room to pass some of those costs on to customers. Survey results from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on Monday showed a net 59.2% of Texas manufacturers in March expect to receive higher prices for their products six months from now. Moreover, a gauge of current wages and benefits climbed to the highest in data back to 2004…”

March 30 – Wall Street Journal :

“The U.S. is shipping more natural gas than ever overseas, which is keeping domestic inventories lean and power prices high. Natural-gas prices usually decline into spring, when heating demand drops but before air-conditioning season begins. Gas producers and traders use the off-season to build up inventory for summer, socking away fuel in storage facilities until the weather turns and demand and prices rise. This year prices climbed into spring, thanks to record export volumes and promises from the White House to support the shipment of even more liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to allies across the Atlantic to supplant Russian supply.”

March 29 – Bloomberg (Marvin G. Perez): “Avocado prices jumped to the highest in more than two decades amid tightening supplies in Mexico, the world’s biggest exporter of the fruit, signaling pricier guacamole.”

March 28 – Financial Times :

“Businesses across the US are broadening pay rises as inflation gallops at the fastest pace in 40 years, with employees struggling to match their wages with consumer prices. Retailers, airlines and resorts are boosting starting pay to attract recruits and offering company-wide bumps to staff’s base pay. Some 92% of businesses plan to increase employee pay this year, up from 85% in 2021, according to… PayScale. Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell said wages were ‘moving up at ways that are not consistent’ with its 2% inflation target after the central bank decided to raise interest rates this month.”

March 28 – Bloomberg :

“Who’s to blame for high U.S. inflation? The folks who create fiscal policy — at least says those behind monetary policy. U.S. consumer prices have surged more than in other developed economies and one reason may be the massive government support provided to Americans during the pandemic, according to… the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. ‘Fiscal support measures designed to counteract the severity of the pandemic’s economic effect may have contributed to this divergence by raising inflation about 3 percentage points by the end of 2021,’ wrote Òscar Jordà, Celeste Liu, Fernanda Nechio and Fabián Rivera-Reyes in the regional Fed’s weekly Economic Letter. ‘However, without these spending measures, the economy might have tipped into outright deflation and slower economic growth, the consequences of which would have been harder to manage,’ they added.”

3 réflexions sur “En vrac, nouvelles de l’inflation, le vol en bande organisée.

  1. Actuellement seul notre niveau de vie est atteint, bientôt cela sera carrément notre confort minimum qui le sera avec toutes les pénuries que leurs politiques nous amènent


  2. Staline utilisait déjà ce fameux 2+2=3. A sa façon.
    Le tracteur soviétik standard était de 40 CV, il s’ensuivait donc qu’un tracteur de 80 CV était comptabilisé pour 2 tracteurs. D’où l’envol de la productivité…
    Nos néo-staliniens postModernes procèdent de même avec la puissance (mémoire vive) des computers.


  3. Il y aurait beaucoup à dire sur l’arnaque du calcul de l’inflation.

    Sous évaluée de partout et en particulier en France avec l’intégration d’une variable « progrès technique » dans le mode de calcul.

    Si vous achetez un téléviseur 1500 euros et que 3 ans plus tard vous en achetez un 2000 euros l’Insee peut considérer que le deuxième téléviseur vous a couté moins cher que le premier sous prétexte qu’il a de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

    C’est pas beau ça ? 2+2 = 3. Le système en rêvait, l’Insee l’a fait.

    Le théorème de l’Insee : Ce qui est manufacturé s’améliore toujours donc l’inflation n’y existe jamais.

    S’ils pouvaient ils nous sortiraient une essence parfumée à la fraise pour nous expliquer que la hausse de son prix n’existe pas.

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