Military expert Boris Rozhin with a brief summary of the results of the operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine at 22.50 on June 10, 2022, especially for the Voenkor Kotenok Z channel.

Fighting in the industrial zone of the city. The enemy suffers heavy losses in the battles for the city, data about which even leak into the Ukrainian media. However, the topic of “withdrawal to Lysichansk” continues to be blocked for political reasons. In fact, the fighting in Severodonetsk turned into the grinding of those reserves that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed into the industrial zone.
Fighting in the area of Berestovoye and Belogorovka. The enemy is gradually squeezed out of the line, grinding the reserves transferred here from Artemovsk. The Lisichansk-Artemovsk highway is still under the fire control of the RF Armed Forces, however, the supply through Seversk is maintained by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
A small advance at Dolomite. Uglegorskaya TPP and Novoluganskoye are still under the APU. Counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Roty were not successful.
Fighting in the area of Vrubovka, Toshkovka and Ustinovka. There is no significant progress, just like on the outskirts of Zolote.

In the industrial zone of Avdiivka, in Kamenka and Krasnogorovka, there are no significant changes.
Fighting on the outskirts of New York. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue terrorist shelling of Donetsk and other cities.
Kamyshevakha, Kurulka, Dolgenkoye – no changes. Attacks on Krasnopolie and Dolina have not yet led to the capture of these villages.
Fights for the Mother of God.
The troops are clearing the forest west of Svyatogorsk, and are also fighting in the Tatyanovka area. There are unconfirmed reports of the capture of Prishib and advance towards Sidorovo. In other areas, the Seversky Donets has not yet been forced. The enemy reinforced the grouping near Seversk and Zakotnoe.
Positional battles on the line Cossack Lopan-Liptsy-Ternovoe-Rubezhnoye. Local attack attempts from both sides did not significantly change the overall picture. We can note the further intensification of enemy fire damage on the outskirts of Kharkov and in the Sumy region.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to resume offensive attempts in the direction of Kazachya Lopan and Liptsy.
There are no significant advances on the Kamenskoye-Orekhov-Gulyaipole-Velikaya Novoselovka line. The enemy is fortifying positions in the area of Kamenskoye and Orekhov, expecting an attack by the RF Armed Forces on Zaporozhye.
The RF Armed Forces ousted the remnants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Kinburn Spit and provided the possibility of artillery strikes on Ochakovo, where the enemy suffered losses in the ship composition.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine expect the resumption of active offensive operations of the RF Armed Forces north of Nikolaev, as well as on the Black Sea coast.
In the Davydov Brod area, the enemy has so far gone over to the defensive.
On the Krivoy Rog and Nikopol directions – without significant changes.
Odessa, Marinka, Ugledar – no changes.

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