Les dépêches lundi, moins mal sur l’euro, remontée du Brent. Fatigue de guerre.

A relire

Une observation intéressante de l’excellent Holger

Une remarque fondamentalement fondamentale de JP Hussman

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks, US Equity Futures Climb as Dollar Dips: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Asia shares bounce, euro on edge for ECB and gas test

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil in Retreat as Traders Weigh Mideast Supply After Biden Trip

[MSN/NYT] Heat Wave In Texas and Central Plains Could Be the Hottest Yet

[MSN/NYT] Climate Change Legislation Stalls Amid Growing Inflation Concerns

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Seeks to Stem Mortgage Boycott With Developer Loans

[Reuters] China steps up loan-support efforts to developers amid mortgage boycott

[Reuters] Shanghai enforces new COVID testing as some parts of China extend lockdown

[Reuters] Scorching heat expected to resume baking China this week

[MSN/NYT] Global Central Banks Ramp Up Inflation Fight

[Reuters] New Zealand’s inflation hits 3-decade high, raising bets on sharper rate hikes

[WSJ] Fed Officials Preparing to Lift Interest Rates by Another 0.75 Percentage Point

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