Nouvelles du front

In Kharkiv direction, a Russian sabotage group executed a raid on AFU positions in Udy and killed several servicemen, while the rest retreated to reserve positions.

▪️ Ukrainian command moved three HIMARS MLRS to the Andriivka area preparing for a possible offensive on Balakliya.

▪️ In Slovyansk direction, mutual shelling continues along the river of Severskiy Donets.

▪️ Ukrainian formations hit Russian troops’ positions at the Lisichansk oil refinery with HIMARS MLRS, which threatens the energy security of the liberated territories.

▪️ Russian troops are enagaged in offensive fighting near Ivano-Dar’ivka, yet no confirmation of the control over the settlement.

▪️Fighting for Berestove and near Bilohorivka continues. Ukrainian command rotates forces on the line of contact to maintain combat readiness.

▪️ Ukrainian troops are trying to hold the Yakovlivka- Soledar-Pokrovs’ke line, while the personnel of some units refuse to perform combat tasks.

▪️Wagner’s PMC units liberated the southern part of Pokrovs’ke. Heavy fighting continues to gain control over the settlement.

▪️ Ukrainian artillery continues daily shelling of Donetsk region: strikes launched against Novobakhmutivka, Troits’ke, Mykil’s’ke, Volodymyrivka and Panteleimonivka.

▪️Ukrainian units failed to advance on the Kriviy Rih area of the front. The attack was repelled. AFU lost more than 100 servicemen and retreated to their initial positions.

▪️Strikes launched on AFU positions near Nikopol’, Apostolove, Pokrovs’ke and Zaliznychne. A deployment point of the AFU 60th Separate Infantry Brigade was hit in Apostolove.

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