Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on July 27, 2022

Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on July 27, 2022

▪️ In the morning, AFU shelled Belgorod. Russian air defence repelled all the attacks.

▪️ Russian Armed Forces launched missile and artillery strikes on AFU facilities in the Industrial and Novobavar districts of Kharkiv and other settlements of the region.

▪️ Near Borshchova, Petrivka and Sosnivka, Russian special units conducted a successful raid on the positions of the 92th Mechanized Brigade.

▪️ In the forests west of Izyum, Russian Armed Forces discovered and ambushed a sabotage and reconnaissance group of the Ukrainian 81st Airmobile Brigade. The group suffered losses and retreated

▪️ On the outskirts of Sivers’k, AFU prepare for Russian Armed Forces’ advance. In Nahirne and Yakovlivka, the engineering units of the 54th Mechanized Brigade set up minefields.

▪️ Russian Armed Forces and DPR People’s Militia units completely liberated Novoluhans’ke.

▪️ Wagner’s PMC units successfully repelled a Ukrainian counterattack in Pokrovs’ke.

▪️Ukrainian Command prepares for defence in Soledar and its outskirts. A composite battalion of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade, consisting of 450 servicemen, is deployed in the city.

▪️AFU shelled Dontesk and other DPR settlements. A civilian killed in Yasynuvata.

▪️During the night, Ukrainian HIMARS MLRS shelled Antonivsʹkyy Bridge in Kherson. The road deck is severely damaged and the traffic is blocked.

▪️ Russian Airborne Troops’ units, supported by aviation and artillery, knocked out Ukrainian formations from Andriivka and forced them to retreat behind Inhulets’.

▪️ In Kryvyi Rih direction, AFU continues to prepare for an offensive by re-manning the infantry brigade losses and deploying the technical means of the 138th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade in Kryvyi Rih and Apostolove.

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