Grosse surprise sur les chiffres US de l’emploi

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Slide as Jobs Fuel Rate-Hike Bets: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil Suffers Deep Weekly Loss as Concerns Over Demand Intensify

[AP] US employers added 528,000 jobs; unemployment falls to 3.5%

[CNBC] Payrolls increased 528,000 in July, much better than expected in a sign of strength for jobs market

[AP] Democrats say they’ve reached agreement on economic package

[Reuters] U.S. job growth seen slowing in July; but far from recession levels

[Reuters] Global bond funds receive biggest weekly inflow in nine months

[Reuters] China halts high-level military dialogue with U.S., suspends other cooperation

[Reuters] Taiwan slams ‘evil neighbour’ China after missiles fly over island

[Reuters] Taiwan dispatches aircraft, ships to react to Chinese military incursions

[MSN/WSJ] China Boasts of Ability to Blockade Taiwan as Military Exercises Continue

[Reuters] Analysis: Taiwan tensions reveal challenges for U.S. navy as Chinese threat grows

[Reuters] Russia bans Western investors from selling stakes in banks, key assets including Sakhakin-1

[Reuters] Credit Suisse at big risk from Credito Real bankruptcy – media

[WSJ] Chinese Missiles Show Japan Lies in ‘Same War Zone’ as Taiwan

[FT] Paying a heavy price for central banks’ money creation

[FT] How rising tensions across the Taiwan Strait could threaten global trade

[FT] ‘Financial monsters’: China’s bad banks complicate property crisis


2 réflexions sur “Grosse surprise sur les chiffres US de l’emploi

  1. Grosse surprise mais pas tant que ça si on y réfléchit à 2 fois

    Depuis 2 réunions seulement la Fed fait un peu moins semblant de lutter contre l’inflation et fait donc un peu moins semblant de provoquer un ralentissement.

    La seule chose qu’elle fait réellement est d’espérer en étant à la remorque des événements…


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