Rybar: le point

Our team is launching a new section on the Russian military operation in Ukraine events. We have decided to create a bulletin of this week’s most important events.

So, what has happened in the military operation zone this past week?

▪️ The Allied Forces’ units launched an advancement on a Ukrainian heavily defended fortified area near Donetsk. Pisky which had been under the Ukraine’s control since 2014, fell under the DPR People’s Militia’s control almost completely.

▪️The Allied Forces also succeeded in the Soledar direction: the LNR People’s Militia units liberated the eastern outskirts of Soledar and launched the city assault.

▪️ Forward units of the Wagner’s PMC reached the eastern border of Bakhmut (Artemivsk) which is an AFU’s essential strongpoint in Donbass. Within the city limits, fighting is already underway. South of the locality, Semyhir’ya, Travneve and Hladosove are liberated.

▪️In the forests northwest Slovyansk, trench fighting is going on. The Ukrainian command announced that they managed to take Dibrovne and Mazanivka under their control again.

▪️North of the Kharkiv region, clashes are still ongoing. The Russian Armed Forces’ artillery fire makes Ukrainian units suffer losses and draw up their forces to Kharkiv in order to prevent Russian troops from approaching the city outskirts.


▪️ In the #Kharkov direction, the sides are engaged in artillery duels along the entire line of contact.
➖During the night hours, the Russian Armed Forces struck Ukrainian Army facilities in Kharkov near Kholodnaya Gora and the Kharkov Tractor Plant.
➖The Russian Air Force hit enemy positions in Verkhnyaya Saltov and Pryszyb.

▪️ Allied forces continue their offensive in the #Bakhmut (#Artemovsk) direction.
➖In #Soledar, the RF Armed Forces and the 6th Cossack Regiment of the LPR PM control part of the KNAUF-GIPS factory. Units of the Ukrainian armed forces are trying to counterattack.
➖In the southern part of the front, there are battles on the line from Kodema to Veselaya Dolina.
➖South of Kodema, fighting is taking place in the vicinity of Gladosovo and Zaitsevo.

▪️ The front line in the Donetsk direction has not changed.
➖There are positional battles in #Peski, Maryinka, and on the southern outskirts of #Avdeevka.
➖The Russian Armed Forces are attacking the AFU in the steppes between Velikaya Novoselka and Ugledar.
➖Ukrainian gun and rocket artillery crews once again shelled civilian infrastructure in Donetsk agglomeration.

▪️In the Zaporozhye direction, Ukrainian formations again shelled the nuclear power plant (ZAES). This time, the spent nuclear fuel storage facility was targeted.


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