Les dépêches lundi; peu à peu le consensus se fait sur la récession.

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Fall in Cautious Start to Key Fed Week: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Stocks subdued, dollar firm for central bank jamboree 

[Reuters] Oil prices climb on weak dollar, supply concerns

[Reuters] Biden says U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Zelenskiy Vows to Press Ahead and Retake Country

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro-Area Recession Now Looks Almost Inevitable to Economists

[Reuters] China to accelerate projects, boost consumption to spur recovery

[Reuters] Analysis: China’s mortgage boycott quietly regroups as construction idles

[Reuters] Frugal is the new cool for young Chinese as economy falters

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Cost of Covid Zero Is Straining Municipal Finances Across China

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Korea Banks Told to Report FX Positions Each Hour, Daily Reports

[Bloomberg] More Americans Are Stuck With Long-Term Credit-Card Debt

[FT] Central banks set to hit peak rates at faster pace

[FT] Market downturn sparks longest US tech IPO drought in over 20 years

[FT] The lawless world of crypto scams


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