Brian Berletic

Russian military operations in Ukraine + US Escalation vs Russia & China continues…

– Latest US arms package for Ukraine contains fewer actual weapons to be transferred to Ukraine, and more contracts for new weapons to be built;

– Weapons like the ground-launched small diameter bomb is included in weapons yet-to-be-built and face compatibility issues with Ukraine’s existing MLRS force;

– Other equipment listed like counter battery radar sets appear to indicate large numbers of losses to Russian military operations;

– Germany’s decision to send 14 Leopard 2 tanks and 88 Leopard 1 tanks reveal a very deliberate invocation of Germany’s sordid history during WW2;

– US weapons pouring into Ukraine are types unlikely to be used in a potential war Washington Seeks to provoke with China;

– The « balloon » incident represents a deliberate stepping stone toward war put in place by US leadership; References: US Department of Defense

– Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (Feb. 3, 2023):… US DoD

– Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder Holds an On-Camera Press Briefing (Feb. 3, 2023):… Reuters

– Analysis: Ukraine’s new weapon will force a Russian shift (February 2023):… Reuters

– Exclusive: U.S. weighs sending 100-mile strike weapon to Ukraine (November 2022):… New York Times

– U.S. Sends Longer-Range Weapons (February 2023):… Military Aerospace Electronics

– SRCTec to build counter-fire radar to protect Ukraine from rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM) threats:… US DoD

– $600 Million in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine (Sept. 15, 2022):… US Army Acquisition Support Center


– Marines Fire Anti-Ship Missile from Back of Unmanned Truck to Hit Target at Sea:… BBC

– Germany confirms it will provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks (January 2023):… Politico

– Germany to send 88 Leopard I tanks to Ukraine (February 2023):… Anti-Defamation League

– Hate Symbols:… The Cold Lake Sun

– Tanks that saved the day in Afghanistan to be used for target practice in Cold Lake (November 2021):… US State Department

– US Relations with Taiwan:… VOA

– US Nearly Doubled Military Personnel Stationed in Taiwan This Year (2021):… Alex Christoforou

– US DOJ freeze, seize, transfer. Long range weapons aimed at Crimea. China spy balloon in Cyprus. U/1:

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