TRUMP porté par sa mise en examen. Il collecte!

Ever since President Trump was indicted and then arrested, he’s been SURGING in the polls!
“Trump approval rating surges ahead of arrest” [source: Independent]
“Trump takes biggest 2024 lead yet over Biden”[source: Washington Examiner]
“Trump widens lead in 2024 Republican presidential primary”[source: Reuters]
The American people see right through this disgusting sham and abuse of power.
In fact, ONE-THIRD of the donations our campaign has received – since news of the indictment was leaked – have come from FIRST-TIME donors.
Americans see this moment as THE DECISIVE POINT to get off the sidelines and take action to save our Republic.
Because we all know that if the Deep State could come after President Trump, they could one day come after you.
Now, we need to keep our grassroots fundraising surge going to win back our country and Make America Great Again!
Please make a contribution to continue our HISTORIC GRASSROOTS SURGE OF CONTRIBUTIONS that is being reported NATIONWIDE – for 1,500% impact.

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