Les dépêches dimanche soir,

[Reuters] ‘No fireworks’ at NAFTA talks, but few signs of progress

[Bloomberg] Merkel Faces Endgame for Next German Government in Party Talks

[Bloomberg] Zimbabwe Ruling-Party Leaders Gather to Decide Mugabe’s Fate

[WSJ] Is This the Top of the Market?

Vous noterez que les « narratives » sur la fin de la hausse,  sur le Top etc sont maintenant quotidiens. Cela ne veut rien dire, cela n’a aucune valeur prédictive mais cela ancre dans la tête des gens le fait que les marchés sont surévalués et qu’ils devraient baisser.

Cela jouera un role quand la vraie baisse surviendra.

Ce ne sont pas les opinions qui font baisser les marchés, les opinions sont plutôt des indicateurs contrarians, ce qui fait baisser les marchés ce sont des chocs lesquels provoquent des prises de conscience.

[FT] China must reveal the true level of its GDP growth

Paul Donovan UBS sur l’Arabie Saoudite: Attention aux mouvements de capitaux.

Recent changes in Saudi Arabia have not caused big market moves. Even so, Saudi politics could impact the rest of the world in one of three ways.

Saudi can have a global impact through the oil market. Oil prices would react if Saudi Arabian changes led investors to question Saudi political stability, or relations with other countries in the Gulf (notably Iran). To date, investors do not seem unduly worried about these risks.

If Saudi investors worry about the safety of their local assets, there may be some flight to safe havens. This does not appear to be happening so far. The Swiss franc has been very stable against the euro, for instance.

Perhaps the biggest potential impact of Saudi changes is via global capital flow. Media reports suggested that assets seized by the government may be used to fund domestic spending. Even on official data (likely to be an underestimate), over 35% of Saudi Arabian bond and equity investments are in the United States. Less than 15% of Saudi imports come from the United States. If assets are sold to fund spending, Saudi Arabia will be selling US assets to buy goods and services from Europe and Asia.




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