Les dépêches mercredi, pour l’instant on parle de la hausse des taux mais on ne fait rien.

Les taux longs remontent à nouveau , 10 ans 1,4790%

Les anticipations d’inflation sont au plus haut de 10 ans.

Powell peut il continuer à prétendre qu’elles sont bien ancrées?

Une pentification exceptionnelle de la courbe des taux

Le phenomène d’inflation est mondial et cela va continuer ces prochains mois.

L’economie mondiale regagne du momentum en Fevrier.


Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Decline as Treasuries Extend Rout: Markets Wrap 

[Reuters] Oil up as OPEC+ considers rollover rather than raising output

[Reuters] Rocket leads mortgage sector surge in GameStop-style short squeeze

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Cost of Treasuries-Led Rout Seen in Troubled Bond Sales Globally

[CNBC] Private payrolls growth well short of expectations for February, ADP says

[CNBC] Mortgage application demand stalls as interest rates surge to highest level since July

[Reuters] U.S. mortgage rates jump by most in nearly a year: MBA

[Reuters] Analysis: Fed may need more than words in next battle with markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Said to See No Need for Drastic Action to Rein In Yields

[Reuters] Breakingviews – Chancellor: A bear market in bonds is beckoning

[CNBC] Covid live updates: Health officials warn early easing of restrictions could lead to 4th Covid wave

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Greensill’s Swift Fall Was Triggered by Insurer Who Balked

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Texas Lifts Mask Mandate Despite Dire Warnings About Fourth Wave

[AP] US infrastructure gets C- from engineers as roads stagnate

[Reuters] Myanmar security forces shoot dead 13 anti-coup protesters despite calls for restraint

[Bloomberg] Policy Credibility Is Hard to Earn and Easy to Lose

[WSJ] Greensill Problems Build as Regulator Watches Over Banking Unit

[WSJ] How the Oil Market Bounced Back From a Year of Crisis

[FT] Treasury bond wobble heightens concerns over health of $21tn market

[FT] Property and the pandemic: the great reckoning that never seems to arrive

[FT] Strong T-cell response is good news for battle against Covid variants

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