Les dépêches mardi

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks, Futures Drop as Inflation Worry Hurts Tech: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Asia shares fall on worries over inflation, Fed outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Holds Near Three-Month High as Inflation, Fed in Focus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Meituan Shares Sink as Much as 9% After Consumer Council Report

[Reuters] China’s factory-gate prices surge at fastest in over 3 years

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Credit Rebound May Spell Trouble for Huarong Investors

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Targets Some Australian LNG as Trade Dispute Widens

[Bloomberg] China’s Producer Prices Surge Alongside Soaring Commodities

[Bloomberg] A Massive Pipeline Hack Is Just a Taste of What’s to Come

[Bloomberg] French Voters Fret Over Debt Levels Not Seen Since the War

[NYT] How the Colonial Pipeline Became a Vital Artery for Fuel

[WSJ] Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Threatens to Magnify Gasoline-Price Surge

[WSJ] Looking to Buy a Used Car? Expect High Prices, Few Options

[WSJ] Corn Is the Latest Commodity to Soar

[FT] Commodities boom sends bulk shipping costs to decade highs

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