Les nouvelles

Le corset dans lequel a BCE a enfrmé l’UE se fissure, la question des divergences se pose a nouveau

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Climb on Prospect of Easing Ukraine Tension: Markets Wrap 

[AP] Russia makes moves to ease Ukraine tensions; West skeptical

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Inflation Slows, Giving Central Bank Room to Ease

[Reuters] China’s Xi sets Hong Kong’s leaders ‘overriding mission’ to control COVID – media

[Reuters] Eastern Chinese industrial hub reports COVID cases for 2nd day

[FT] ECB ‘cannot ignore’ house price surge in inflation assessment, says executive

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rally in Risk-On Day as Haven Allure Ebbs: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] Dow jumps 400 points and snaps 3-day losing streak, Nasdaq pops 2.5%

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Drops After Russia Says Some Troops Returning to Bases

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Says Threat to Ukraine Remains, Awaits Russia Pullback

[Reuters] Ukraine defence ministry website, banks, knocked offline

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Republicans Stall Fed-Nominee Votes Over Raskin Opposition

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Offers Support After Banks Face Cyber Hit: Ukraine Update

[Yahoo Finance] US should brace for potential Russian cyberattacks: expert

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Market Liquidity Is Eroding With Fed’s Course a Gamble

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hedging Boom Sets Up ‘Extra Spicy’ Options Day for Credit ETF

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Bond-Buying Could End in Third Quarter, Villeroy Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Cost of Growing Food to Rise Even More Amid Weedkiller Supply Crunch

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fertilizer Just Got Even More Expensive as Potash Prices Jump

[CNBC] Soaring lumber price adds nearly $19,000 to the cost of a new home

[NYT] 4 Bed, 3 Bath, No Garage Door: The Unlikely Woes Holding Up Home Building

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