A Severodonetsk des ukrainiens refugiés dans AZOT cherchent à négocier en posant des conditions, mais les Russes refusent toutes conditions; « posez les armes et rendez vous » .

Battle for Severodonetsk: situation as of 15:00 June 10, 2022

In the battle for Severodonetsk, the next mini boilers were outlined.

  1. In the area of the Azot plant, fierce battles continue with units of Ukronazis and foreign mercenaries. But some of these forces are trying to get out of the encirclement in the direction of Lisichansk.
  2. At the same time, the situation with the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Sirotino and Borovskoye is becoming catastrophic.
  3. Russian troops, continuing the offensive from the Severodonetsk airport, are trying to cut off the indicated groupings of Ukrainian troops from the only bridge across the Seversky Donets (Leninsky Bridge).

With the imminent loss of Severodonetsk, they reconciled not only in Kyiv, where more and more contradictory statements are heard about the inexpediency of defending the city, but also in British intelligence: the Mi-6 believes that very soon the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will fall.

▪️On the eve of the Russian Armed Forces, they occupied the airport and cut Frunze Street, the main supply route for the AFU grouping holding the defense in Borovskoye. Now the allied forces are clearing the countryside villages and forests behind the airport.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defending Borovskoye still have the opportunity to retreat to the western bank of the Seversky Donets through the Leninsky Bridge. It can be reached relatively safely by country roads behind Lake Kleshnya.

▪️ The combined forces of 81 Brigade and foreign mercenaries are retreating from forward positions. The resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is becoming focal. Part of the forces still continues to hold the industrial zone around the Azot plant.


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